How Has the NZ Beauty Industry Changed Over the Last 10 Years

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The New Zealand beauty industry has taken some interesting turns over the last ten years, with trends coming and going. Of course beauty trends come and go, but a few of them seem to have taken root and changed the sector forever. Read on to learn more about the changes that have taken place in the NZ beauty industry in the past decade.

The Main Trends In The NZ Beauty Industry Over The Last Ten Years

Technology And Diagnostics

The use of state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and technologies, particularly in the NZ skin care, has experienced tremendous growth in the last ten years. From cutting-edge skin care devices and gadgets to diagnostic tools and tests, technological innovations have shaken up the beauty industry and are expected to take firm hold of this highly competitive sector.

Niche Skin Care Trends Have Become The New Mainstream

Where they once lurked in niches, smaller products areas, specifically those within skincare such as face masks and specialised treatments like oils have gained strong presence in the last ten years. Sales in these segments have ballooned during this period while leading brands have introduced a vast range of products thanks to increased demand and innovation. With consumers embracing face masks and facial oils, brands specialising in these products are expected to expand at a remarkable rate.

The Influence Of Asia On NZ Beauty Industry

Asian technology, specifically Korean skincare, has had a huge influence on the cosmetics industry in New Zealand and across the globe. Consumers in Asia aim for a flawless, ageless, porcelain skin and, therefore, have to use multi-step routines involving an array of products.

These consumers also consider hydration to be a key benefit in beauty products. Our beauty industry has taken up these trends, and we now have a range of products, concepts, formats and benefits that imitate those in the Asian market. These include organic skincare NZ products that focus on hydration as well as natural makeup NZ formulations that include ingredients like essence and emulsion.

The Rise Of Organic, Cruelty Free Cosmetics NZ Demands By Consumers

The popularity of natural makeup NZ regimens and organic cosmetics NZ products have been on the rise for over ten years now, with many consumers actively avoiding the potentially harmful synthetic options. What’s more, as consumers become more concerned and aware of animal welfare issues, demand for cruelty-free cosmetics has gone up. In fact, like natural and organic skincare NZ products, cruelty-free cosmetics and personal care formulas have become solidly mainstream.

KD One Skincare And Cosmetics – Natural, Organic And Cruelty Free Skin Care Products Made In New Zealand

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Our natural makeup NZ products are safe and effective, and a perfect option for those with sensitive skin or suffer from skin reactions or irritations. Formulated with high quality natural minerals and nourishing natural extracts, the KD One organic cosmetics NZ range is affordable for socially conscious consumers who share a passion for environmental protection, animal welfare and a safer beauty range. Visit our website ( to browse our extensive line of products.


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